Giro Contribution

ஜைரோ பங்களிப்பு


We thank you for the support, participation and continued interest in our programmes. TRC has more than 35 Affiliate Organisations and has forged close working relationship with SINDA, People’s Association Narpani Pearavai, Tamil Language Council, Tamil Language Cultural Society, LISHA, Singapore Tamil Teachers Union, Tamil Murasu and a host of other organisations. 

 Our Tuition programme has over the years benefited some 35,000 students. More than 1,500 students and families have benefited through our bursary awards and study awards with MDIS.

In the past few years, TRC has been the leader in organizing several National events and programmes to promote the Tamil Language and the upliftment of Tamils. Events like the annual National Dinners, launching of the first Singapore made Tamil Movies, organizing of Tamil Murasu’s 75th Anniversary celebrations, National Tamil Debates for Primary Students, Financial Assistance Programmes are some of such examples

TRC has been giving our bursaries to students from low-income families and presenting Academic Excellence Awards to those Tamil students who excel in their examinations. To date more than 2000 students have benefited from our bursaries receiving more than $200,000.00. 

All these and more will not have been possible without your support. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve the Community. However TRC wants to do more for the Tamil Community. Excelling in Education is one key aspect of ensuring that our children are better-off and successful in the future. TRC has plans to organise enrichment programmes and provide financial assistance to more children. To do all these and more, TRC needs more than $60,000.00 annually. TRC has been fortunate in getting well-wishers and Corporate Organisations to donate towards its programmes.

To continue with our community efforts, it is important that we have funds and that the Community has a stake in raising these funds. And one avenue is through our GIRO subscription. This will be a monthly contribution of a minimum of $5.00 which will allow us to sustain our community .

Please contact us at +65 6292 1966 or email for more details. We are also available to meet you in person if you wish to do so.

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