TRC Delegates Meeting

TRC Delegates Meeting

TRC held its delegates meeting on Tuesday 10 April 2012 at Ceylon Sports Club.

31 members representing 20 Affiliate Organisations attended this meeting. TRC holds such delegate meetings on a regular basis to inform the Affiliates of TRC’s programmes and plans, exchange ideas and get feedback. These sessions also give opportunities for Affiliate Organisations to present their programmes and meet other Organisations and do networking.

It was refreshing to see new faces amongst affiliates attending the meeting. Dr R Theyvendran, President of TRC updated members present on TRC’s latest activities, and how it has been working closely with government agencies and Community organisations like SINDa, STTU, TLC, TLLPC etc on issues such as language, education and new Indian citizens coming aboard.

Delegates tabled a numbers of issues like the benefits of joining TRC, and some initiatives TRC should take on. One key issue raised was for the Tamil Community to have a building of its own. Representative felt that TRC should take the lead in getting this project going which could cost about $3 million. President was in agreement for TRC to take the lead, but wanted assurance and commitment from affiliate organizations with regard to the sharing of the cost and raising funds to purchase the building. President reiterated the point that purchasing a building was a mammoth task and full support was vital. Members present pointed out that the purpose of the building must be useful and cannot be a “white elephant” as other incidentals has to be taken account into.

Feedback was given that TRC should write to all Tamil/Indian organisations in Singapore for donations as the purchase of the building was done for a Tamil cause President added that TRC will not be able to undertake this major project single handedly, if there was no financial support or commitment from affiliate members/donors etc. TRC Management Council will be discussing this issue of purchasing a building soon and intends to write to all Affiliate organisations seeking their support and commitment.

Affiliate Organisations are welcomed to raise any issues with TRC at any time and not wait until the Delegates Meeting.