FEEDBACKS to Government Agencies

FEEDBACKS to Government Agencies

In line with our objectives, TRC in its efforts to promote the Tamil Language and the status of the Tamil speaking Community has been actively making representations to the various Government agencies where appropriate.

A dialogue session was held with the Directors of SINDA on 17 April 2008. TRC and SINDA officials had an interesting and ground-breaking session and a number of issues were raised and discussed frankly. Some of the issues raised were as follows.

  • SINDA being received as an exclusive and elitist body, catering to the educated and well-off members of the Indian Community.

  • SINDA not being able to reach out to the ground.

  • Failure of the STEP programme in not being able to attract the below average students and retaining them.

  • New Objectives of SINDA, apart from its original concentration on Education.

  • Areas where SINDA and Community Organisations could pool their resources in offering programmes to the Community.

  • SINDA’s support for the Tamil Language and the Tamil speaking community.

  • Types of support SINDA could give to Community Organisations like TRC.

  • TRC being a representative body, representing more than 30 affiliates could also be represented in SINDA for ground feedback.

TRC has also sent correspondences to Media Corp on the programmes aired on Oli 96.8 and to National Parks and Singapore Tourism Board on the lack of Tamil signage at major Public places and Parks.

Following last year’s dialogue session with Dr Balaji Sadasivan, where he had assured TRC and its Affiliates that the Government is aware of the sentiments and feelings of the Tamil Community, the Government has been more forthcoming in support of the Tamil Language. This is evident in its support of the annual Tamil Language Festival.

Members are encouraged to visit our website to give feedbacks for TRC to raise to the respective Government agencies.