42nd National Day Celebrations & TRC Excellence Awards 2007

The Tamil Representative Council, (TRC) and its 32 Affiliate Organizations with the support of Singapore Tamil Teachers Union organized the National day celebration on the 1st September 2007, at the Grassroots Club.

More than 500 people attended the dinner. The event was graced by Guest of Honor Mr. S Iswaran, Minister of State for Trade and Industry.

This event was organized by the Tamil Representative Council’s Youth Committee with the theme, Unity Under One Umbrella. The event was organized with a dual objective to gather all Tamil based Community Organizations to demonstrate the unity of the Tamil community in their dedication and loyalty to Singapore and to raise funds for the Kandasamy Education Trust Fund. Through this National Day dinner, TRC Youth Committee raised more than twenty thousand dollars. The amount raised, will be used for the bursary and scholarship awards for more than 200 needy Indian children so that they are not deprived of a proper education and support.

TRC’s Annual Excellence Awards were presented to Tamil students who had obtained top distinction marks in the Tamil Language and also excelled in other subjects in last year’s PSLE, GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.

In the President’s address he urged all Tamils to work in unity. He cited from examples of countries where the Tamil language was not supported by the government. “Tamils living in British Guyana, Mauritius, La Reunion and the Caribbean have forgotten the Tamil Language and find it challenging to maintain their identity as Tamils. We do not want a similar situation in Singapore.”

TRC Appreciation Awards

In recognition of their dedication to the Tamil Community, Mr. S Vivehanandhan and Mr. V R P Manickam were awarded with the Community Appreciation Award and TRC Community Service Award respectively.

Community Appreciation Award

Mr. S Vivehanandhan the former CEO of SINDA was awarded with the Community Appreciation Award for his major contributions to our community. Mr. Viva has not only worked in SINDA but also served in many other community organizations over a long time.

TRC Community Service Award

Mr. V R P Manickam a retired Tamil Teacher was awarded with the TRC Community Service award in recognition of his dedicated service in educating and promoting the Tamil language amongst the young.

It’s no doubt that these two noble hearts outshine as exemplary role models for our younger generation.

The celebrations for the evening continued with colorful and youthful performances by talented upcoming young artistes and not forgetting the adrenal rushing table activities and lucky draw prize presentation.