Gearing for the Future

TRC’s Youth Wing together with Bishan Community Club IAEC’s Youth Wing organized a motivational seminar for Secondary students on 18 August 2007 at the MDIS Queenstown Campus. The seminar – Gearing for the Future – was organized to motivate our students to enhance their lifestyle for the future and to built self-esteem and self-confidence in them. Additionally the seminar also gave them an opportunity to get tips on studying well and preparing for their examinations. Pointers on cultivating good eating habits and staying healthy and how it benefits them were also shared.

The seminar was facilitated by Dr Kadeer Ibraheem, a professional mind science consultant, psychologist, nutritionist and a prominent body in the field. We can be sure that Dr Kadeer’s words did ignite the desire to achieve in our students.

Having set a conservative target of 200 students, the organizers were overwhelmed by the response from Schools. More than 700 students and Teachers participated in the programme. The organizers had to actually appeal to the Schools to cut down the number of participants. And to note that such a turnout even without any publicity. Our heartiest congratulations to the Youth members of both organizations. It is also to be noted that this was their 2nd joint effort this year, after the National Public Speaking Competition in April.

Both teams have plans to organize such and even more interesting activities in 2008. Look forward to 2008. Plans are afoot to bring in more eminent speakers both local and overseas and give opportunities for our younger generation to benefit from such experiences.