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Issue Newsletter November 2012

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TRC Bursary Awards & Excellence Awards
Tamils Representative Council (TRC) is an organization, dedicated to ensuring every Tamil child born in Singapore is not deprived of education merely because of financial difficulties. Educating our young to open them to new opportunities is a communal duty each of us carries.

Since 2000, TRC has been presenting bursaries to Indian students from needy families. Since 2002, TRC together with SINDA and Singapore Indian Education Trust has been presenting these bursaries as part of the Indian Community Bursary Awards to needy students from Indian families. The 3 main organizations have come together to ensure that our lesser-privileged students are not lacking in motivation and financial support in their efforts to educate themselves and be a better citizen and son/daughter to their Parents. Further, such cooperation will ensure that more students benefit from the better management of our limited resources. The awards range from $100 - $300. To date more than 1,500 students have benefited from this, receiving about $120,000 in total.

For the Year 2013, TRC will be presenting another 150 students with bursaries to assist them in their studies. Applications are closed and to date we have received more than 200 applications. The awards will be presented on 5 January 2013.

Such programmes need the full support of the Community and members of TRC. To sustain these events and extend the awards and amount to more students, TRC has to raise funds annually and through the monthly contributions from members and well-wishers. These contributions can be made via GIRO.

We appeal to you to come forward and play your part in our community enrichment projects. Please visit our website and join us as a GIRO contributor. AND also encourage your friends and relatives to do so to.

Thank You!

சிற்பிகள் மன்ற ஐந்தாவது பொதுக்கூட்டம்

சிற்பிகள் மன்றம் தனது ஐந்தாவது பொதுக்கூட்டத்தை ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை, செப்டம்பர் 30-ஆம் தேதியன்று நடத்தியது.

Sirpigal Society's 5th AGM

Sirpigal held its 5th AGM on Sunday 30 September 2012.



Performance of Indian students in PSLE 2011
96.1% passed PSLE 
97.3 % scored A*-C in Standard English Language 
97.6% scored A*-C in Standard Mother Tongue 
77.2% scored A*-C in Standard Mathematics 
86.3% scored A*-C in Standard Science

கவியரசு கண்ணதாசன் விழா 2012


சிங்கப்பூர் தமிழ் எழுத்தாளர் கழகம் ஆண்டுதோறும் கவியரசு கண்ணதாசன் விழாவை ஏற்பாடு செய்து வருகிறது. இவ்வாண்டு அக்டோபர் 14-ஆம் தேதி அருள்மிகு ஸ்ரீ தண்டாயுதபாணி கோவிலில் இவ்விழா நடைபெற்றது.

Kaviarasu Kannadasan Vizha 2012

The Association of Singapore Tamil Writers has been organising the “Kaviarasu Kannadasan Vizha” annually

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sembawang Tamils’ Association held an appreciation dinner on 13 October 2012, for one of its members, Mr. M Thangarasan for recently having received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ that was presented to deserving Tamil teachers in Singapore.


  புதிர் போட்டி - QUIZ QUEST  


புத்தேள் உலகத்தும் ஈண்டும் பெறல்அரிதே ஒப்புரவின் நல்ல பிற. - குறள் 213

There is no better gain to seek, now or in
the life ahead, than service to society.
 - Kural 213